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Michael Halflants, M.Arch.

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Joe Toph, M. Arch.

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Michael Crawford


University of Tampa, Between, Interstitial, Downtown Tampa, Forming Space, Hillsborough River, Twiggs Street


Downtown Tampa, a struggling city core, will continue to struggle as it holds no true identity to its relationship with important surrounding context, as well as within itself. Evidence in the lack of inhabitable, urban spaces with the scale and comfort to support integral human activity on a day-to-day basis has resulted in the absence of a city center within downtown.

One lost opportunity for downtown is its disconnection with the University of Tampa, one that could result in an activated edge condition. As UT appears vertically congruous with downtown, it has no relationship as it is separated from it by the river. The key to blurring the edge at this instance could be aided through an inhabitable, urban space activated by the neighboring student population, as well as individuals working within downtown.

The site I have chosen is the existing Curtis Hixon Park and Kiley Gardens, directly across from the University, providing a wonderful opportunity to blur the disconnect. It is also situated amidst forces from all directions, including the central business district and residential areas within downtown's nucleus, thus creating an inter[positioned] quality within the site. One issue to deal with on the site is determining the manner in which the project meets the two main edges, downtown and the Hillsborough River.

One source that will become a major infl uence on the concept will be that of Peter Eisenman's text "Blurred Zones: Investigations of the Interstitial." This text will allow me to understand another contemporary architect's ideas of that of the in-between. Thus, site conditions and modern culture will intertwine in the creation of an urban landscape situated within a struggling context to serve the public as a destination within downtown Tampa.