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Adult, Career, and Higher Education

Major Professor

Thomas E. Miller, Ed.D.

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Ann M. Cranston-Gingras, PhD

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Donald A. Dellow, Ed.D.

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W. Robert Sullins, Ed.D.


Retention, Graduation, Community College, Regional Campus, Major


This study assessed if there were differences in the academic performance, persistence, and degree completion for Associate in Arts transfer students in selected majors who enrolled in the different campuses of a multi-campus university. This causal comparative study analyzed historical student enrollment data from a large, urban, public, research university. Multiple and logistic regression techniques were used to simultaneously control for important independent variables identified in the literature. Variables that were significant (p < .05) for at least one of the three dependent variables included campus, major, community college GPA, gender, and ethnicity. Significant campus differences were found in academic performance, but not for persistence or degree completion. Significant differences by major were reported for academic performance, persistence, and degree completion.