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Degree Granting Department

Architecture and Community Design

Major Professor

Theodore Trent Green, M.Arch.

Committee Member

Shannon Bassett, MAUD

Committee Member

Sean Williams, M.Arch.


Tampa, Kennedy Boulevard, transit, placemaking, mixed-use


Some streets tend to lack a social sense of place. Since the invention of the automotive assembly line and post World War II development, street designs have shifted from centering around people and social situations to vehicular traffi c solutions. Streets are typically not thought of as social places, but rather as a means to effi ciently move automotive traffi c. The environment of these unlivable streets discourages social interaction. The majority of buildings are disconnected from the street with often nothing more than a parking lot.

A new model of streets is necessary, one that transforms streets into places that encourages social liveliness. Establishing the street as a social place through walkable conditions will regain lively interaction that is currently absent.

This thesis will begin to explore the conditions of the unlivable street and establish theories to transform them into socially interactive public places. The goal is to hierarchically re-orient the street in order create a sense of place that fosters social interaction.

Research by means of case studies and observation will examine the ways in which people interact within their built environment. Ideas will be derived from research and incorporated into the scheme in a way that is unique to Tampa. Ultimately, this thesis will conclude in a project that illustrates the potential of a street as a lively public place that is centered toward pedestrians rather than automobiles.