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Psychological and Social Foundations

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Herbert A. Exum, Ph.D.

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Wilma J. Henry, Ed.D.

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Carlos Zalaquett, Ph.D.

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Barbara Shircliffe, Ph.D.

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Roger A. Boothroyd, Ph.D.


Military women, military attrition, Army women, sexual harassment


Presently there are few studies that describe the current experiences of women warriors relative to issues such as sexual hostility, sexual harassment, and other uncommon experiences during their military careers. Very little is known about how being a woman in a male-dominated military may affect women warriors' choices between making the military a career or returning to civilian life. With better understanding of women warriors' military experiences, mental health professionals, educators, and other human services professionals may have a better understanding of the issues that may affect women in the military. To date there are limited studies that have examined the effects of military experiences on the psychological and emotional well-being of women warriors. Whether its effects are positive, negative, contextual, or permanent is not yet known. This study supports the earlier research regarding the needs and unknown needs of women programs and the training of counselors and helping professionals. With the United States Military being one of the largest special populations, and women warriors making up 15% of that population, it is imperative that appropriate training becomes available for counselors, educators, and other helping professionals.