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Child and Family Studies

Major Professor

Lise Fox, Ph.D.

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Raymond Miltenberger, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Kimberly Crosland, Ph.D.


applied, behavior, analysis, organizational, management


The effects of self-monitoring, task clarification, and performance feedback on the performance of critical tasks by assembly group supervisors in a manufacturing company were examined. This intervention involved the training of a supervisor to use task clarification, self-monitoring, and performance feedback to improve the work performance of the participating group leaders. A multiple baseline across participants and tasks design was used to examine the effects of the intervention. Measures included: generalization of group leader performance to another work period, procedural fidelity for training the supervisor, intervention integrity of the supervisor's training of the group leaders, treatment acceptability, and social validity. Results showed that the intervention was successful in increasing the overall task completion for both participating group leaders in multiple work intervals and that the intervention was implemented with fidelity and integrity.