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Adult, Career, and Higher Education

Major Professor

Donald A. Dellow, Ed.D.

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W. Robert Sullins, Ed.D.

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William H. Young III, Ed.D.

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Charles E. Michaels, Ph.D.


multi-campus system, campus identity, employee relations, inter-campus relationships, organizational structure


The purpose of this study was to identify how employees in the University of South Florida System (USF System) perceived changes in their organizations and the system as a result of having separate accreditation for each campus in the USF System. This survey research provided a "snapshot" of employee perceptions at a particular point in time. The study was unique because it provided a picture of the perceptions of employees while each campus was at a different point in the organizational change process. The theoretical concept from Bolman and Deal's (2003) four frame theory was used to develop the dependent variables and capture the perceptions of employees. The four dependent variables were organizational structure, employee relations, inter-campus relationships, and campus identity. Quantitative data were collected using a survey instrument. The data were analyzed by campus, employment category, gender, and years of employment using multivariate analysis of variance to identify significant differences in the means between the categories for each dependent variable. Additional comments provided by the survey respondents were analyzed using qualitative analysis to identify emerging themes during the organizational change process.