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Kenneth Malmberg, Ph.D.

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Jonathan Rottenberg, Ph.D.

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Mark Goldman, Ph.D

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Cathy McEvoy, Ph.D.

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Joseph Vandello, Ph.D.


episodic memory, context, directed forgetting, memory models, serial position effects


Atkinson and Shiffrin's (1968) dual-store model of memory includes a structural memory store along with control processes conceptualized as a rehearsal buffer. I present a variant of Atkinson and Shiffrin’s buffer model within a global memory framework that accounts for findings previously thought to be difficult for it to explain. This model assumes a limited capacity buffer where information is stored about items, along with information about associations between items and between items and the context in which they are studied. The strength of association between items and context is limited by the number of items simultaneously occupying the buffer. New findings that directly test the buffer assumptions are presented, including serial position effects, and conditional and first recall probabilities in immediate and delayed free recall, in a continuous distractor paradigm, and in experiments using list length manipulations of single item and paired item study lists. Overall, the model’s predictions are supported by the data from these experiments, suggesting that control processes, conceptualized as a rehearsal buffer, are a necessary component of memory models