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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Major Professor

Dr. Steve Permuth, Ed.D.

Committee Member

Dr. Arthur Shapiro, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Dr. Steve Lang Ph.D.

Committee Member

Dr Julie Janssen, Ed.D.


Child Abuse, Educator Sexual Misconduct, Perception, Professional Perpetrators, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Offender


This study's purpose was to discover commonalities and differences among female predators and Florida female teachers who are perceived and reported to harass students sexually. When perceived and reported female sexual harasser and student safety was researched, a breath of studies did not occur. When current studies were reviewed, teacher sexual harassment continued to occur. In this qualitative study, ten Florida public school female teachers who were perceived and reported to sexually harass students were randomly selected. Findings indicted that further research is still needed on female teachers who are perceived and reported to sexually harass students. When researching the female teacher as a sexual predator, implications such as student safety in the public school system, school districts not reporting sexual harassment, and the need for additional research due to the minimal amount of completed research on the topic.

When the differences and commonalities between female teachers who are perceived and reported to harass students sexually and female predators was studied, the results were not conclusive. The data displayed minimal commonalities and differences leaving no definitive answer but created numerous questions for future research. In addition, recommendations were made for school leaders and for future research.