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Mass Communications

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Scott Liu, Ph.D.

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Roxanne Watson, Ph.D.

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Kelly Page Werder, Ph.D.


Bush, Iraq, Obama, President, Speech


The purpose of this qualitative framing study is to analyze the dominant frames that were reflected in the news coverage of two separate Presidential speeches marking the proposed cessation of combat operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In order to determine which frames emerged in the coverage of each speech, a content analysis of 105 articles from 4 national newspapers was conducted. Analysis included the week preceding and the week following each speech in an effort to capture the immediate coverage surrounding each address. The findings suggest that the dominate frames utilized were the economic consequences frame, the responsibility frame and the human interest frame. The use of these three frames demonstrates that the press finds comfort in using previously identified frames in its coverage of key events. While there were specific incidents where press coverage veered from the narrative depicted by each presidential administration, these can be viewed as the exception rather than the norm. Beyond these 105 articles, the results of this study cannot be generalized, but they can be viewed as an exemplar of the media‟s view of these presidential addresses.