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Degree Granting Department

Engineering Computer Science

Major Professor

Jay Ligatti, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Adriana Iamnitchi, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Lawrence Hall, Ph.D.


Multi-Factor, Computer, Active Directory, Kerberos, Programming, Security


One thing that everyone seems to be worried about when it comes to his or her computer is security. If your computer is not secure then private information could be stolen. Many people now use passwords to protect themselves though they are discovering that using multi-factor authentication is much more secure. It allows you to use multiple different proofs of who you are. Biometrics is one of the ways to prove identity. Using it, you could log into a system with just a fingerprint, which is something that is very difficult to steal. We present a suite of software tools that allows you to log into a network using multi-factor authentication. This thesis describes our design of a multi-factor authentication solution, the problems we encountered realizing this design, and Microsoft's own biometric system.