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Child and Family Studies

Major Professor

Raymond G. Miltenberger, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Kimberly Crosland, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Timothy M. Weil, Ph.D.


Athletic Performance, Sports Skills, Coaching, Video Feedback, Capoeira


Video feedback has great potential to enhance performance in many settings. The following study used video feedback to enhance the martial arts performance of capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that utilizes acrobatic movements (revesado, au de costa, and macaco). A multiple baseline across behaviors was used for 5 participants where baseline conditions consisted of standard coaching consisting of instruction, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback and continued throughout the study. The intervention consisted of video feedback, in which the participants were filmed attempting a movement and immediately viewed the video afterwards, while receiving positive and corrective feedback from the instructor, using the pause, slow motion, and replay controls. The participant was filmed at least a total of three times per session and each attempt was scored. The target behaviors were scored on a 15-item checklist, resulting in a percentage correct. A second video feedback condition similar to the first was also introduced to some participants, in which participants were able to practice the movements with live feedback before being filmed again. Results show gradual increases in baseline and a more rapid acquisition of the skills during the video feedback conditions.