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James Epps, Ph.D.

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Katurah Jenkins-Hall, Ph.D.

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J. Kevin Thopmson, Ph.D.

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Louis Penner, Ph.D.

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Navita Cummings-James, Ph. D.


skin color, depression, african-american women, self-esteem


A Covariate Structure Model was used to examine a possible relationship between colorism as a component of body image and global psychological functioning in the hypothesized model. Two hundred-fifty-five African-American women were recruited from undergraduate psychology and social work classes to participate in the current study from state and community colleges in the southeastern United States, and from social groups and church organizations. The results indicated that the hypothesized model was not a good fit to the data; therefore, the model was re-evaluated. The results of the analysis of the revised model indicated that the revised model was not plausible. However, the model does suggest that there is a relationship between the body image when the definition includes issues of colorism and psychological functioning as measured by levels of depression and self-esteem. Therefore, the model provides direction to be taken in future research.