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Degree Granting Department

Public Health

Major Professor

Steve Mlynarek, Ph.D.

Co-Major Professor

Noreen Poor, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Yehia Hammad, Ph.D.


Phosphate, TEA, Surfer, Aermod, IC


This study tested the precision and accuracy of a triethanolamine (TEA) absorbent in the OgawaTM Passive Sampling Device (PSD) for detection of ambient hydrogen fluoride (HF). The project was initiated to develop a method to verify compliance with emissions regulations for Coronet. Field and laboratory trials were conducted.

Mixed cellulose ester filters were saturated with 70% TEA and placed in the PSDs. Aermod ISCT3 modeled ambient HF concentrations at Coronet to guide deployment of PSDs at 28 sampling stations, 3 PSDs per station, 500 – 3500 meters from Coronet. After 30 days of sampling, ambient HF concentrations were calculated from ion chromatographic (IC) analysis (NIOSH Method 7906/AS14 column) results to be in the low parts per billion (ppb) range. Concentration increased with proximity to Coronet as predicted by Aermod ISCT3. Average precision for collocated PSDs was less than 5%.

Laboratory validation of the method used a HF permeation tube in a Teflon and high density polyethylene (HDPE) sampling train with silica-dried ultra zero air and crushed sodium hydroxide (NaOH) reference samplers. PSD accuracy was a constant 23% average and average precision was 32%, dropping 50% with minor procedural improvements. Validated field results verified compliance with HF emissions regulations for Coronet.