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Carnot E. Nelson, Ph.D.

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Paul Spector, Ph.D.

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Tammy Allen, Ph.D.

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Judith Bryant, Ph.D.

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Cynthia Cimino, Ph.D.


Work-family facilitation, Job satisfaction, Family satisfaction, Life satisfaction, Work overload, Work autonomy, Psychological distress


The benefits of occupying multiple roles have typically been overlooked. One reason for this oversight is the lack of a well-established scale measuring work-family facilitation. This study developed and validated short, self-report scales of work-to-family facilitation and family-to-work facilitation. Based on conceptualizations of work and family facilitation presented in current research content domains and definitions of the constructs are presented. Work-to-family facilitation is defined as a form of role facilitation in which the experiences in the job, work skills, and emotional gratification from work makes participation in the family easier. Family-to-work facilitation is defined as a form of role facilitation in which the experiences in the family, family skills, and emotional gratification from family makes participation in work easier. Advocated procedures were used to develop the scales and test dimensionality and internal consistency. Satisfactory internal consistency was found. Estimates of construct validity were presented by relating the scales to 11 on- and off-job constructs. Possible instrument limitations and future research needs on the study of work-family facilitation, particularly the identification of antecedents of facilitation, are reviewed.