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Degree Granting Department

Computer Science

Major Professor

Rafael Perez, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Miguel Labrador, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Dewey Rundus, Ph.D.


GIS, Geodatabase, Spatial analysis, Carpool, Ridesharing


The Online Transportation Option System (OTOS) is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that addresses many of the limitations associated with traditional dynamic ridematching applications. The main improvements are in the areas of trip scheduling and match searching. OTOS is unique in its ability to accept trips with schedules that can not be expressed in terms of a regular weekly trip. OTOS also distinguishes itself in its use of spatial analysis techniques to locate matches. Specifically, the use of a shortest path solver enables the ridematching algorithm to perform a search along the path of a user’s trip, in addition to the customary radial search around the endpoints. The shortest path solver is also used to calculate the driving distance between the user and a match. This provides a more accurate measurement than the straight-line distance used by other algorithms, especially in the presence of barriers.