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Tammy D. Allen, Ph.D.

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Judith B. Bryant, Ph.D.

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Marc S. Karver, Ph.D.

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Carnot E. Nelson, Ph.D.

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Kristen Salomon, Ph.D.


Marketable, Career development, Employability, Networking, Corporate reputation, Age


The purpose of this study was to propose and test a comprehensive model of marketability using both individual and situational predictors. Participants in this study were members of professional associations and were recruited from internet listserves. They consisted of 485 employees and 176 co-workers. This study used a matching technique to link participant and co-worker data and was the first study to assess multiple perspectives of marketability. Results demonstrated the relationships of human capital variables, positivity traits, proactive career behaviors, the environment and industry characteristics on internal and external marketability. Interestingly, not all predictors related to both internal and external marketability uniformly, suggesting that the two constructs may have different consequences. The study also highlighted the importance of proactive career development behaviors such as networking and provided practical suggestions for individuals interested in their marketability. Theoretical implications and directions for future research are presented.