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Degree Granting Department

Applied Behavior Analysis

Major Professor

Jennifer L. Austin, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Trevor Stokes, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Michael Stoutimore, Ph.D.


Foster, Behavior, Analysis, Parenting, Generalization


Previous research has provided convincing evidence of the efficacy of behavior analytic interventions to improve parenting skills with biological parents, however many studies lament generalization failure from training to home settings. Previous research has also examined the effects of response card use with children at various grade levels and with post-secondary students with a sole focus on academic outcomes. This study examined the effects of color coded response cards on active student responding and parenting skills proficiency of three foster parents in a parent training program and generalization of these skills to their homes. During baseline, participants role-played their responses to various child scenarios. A 10-week parent training course was completed with alternating instruction between standard lecture and response card conditions. Role-plays of child scenarios were videotaped after class, a post-course set of role-plays were completed and direct observation of their use of the parenting skills in their homes was conducted. Response card instruction produced higher levels of active student responding with 1 participant. Proficiency rates for response card instructed skills were higher however, for two of three participants in all extra-training settings.