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Applied Behavior Analysis

Major Professor

Jennifer L. Austin, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Patricia Barbetta, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Kelli McCormick Brown, Ph.D.


Scripted lessons, Computation, Generalization, Mastery


Previous research has examined the effectiveness of Direct Instruction Curriculum over the past thirty years in a variety of areas including rate of learning, effectiveness on different types of learners, and comparisons to other types of instruction. This study attempted to determine the effects of the use of a direct instruction math curriculum on higher-order problem solving. Two groups of 3 – 5 students each participated. The procedures included administering the Kauffman Achievement test to determine current grade level in math and reading. The Saxon Math Second Grade Curriculum was used to instruct the participants. The effects on higher-order problem solving with the Corrective Math Curriculum were assessed on two different dependent measures: solution of word problems consisting of both addition and subtraction operations, and performance of the students within the curriculum. Results were assessed using the delayed multiple baseline design.