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Degree Granting Department

Applied Behavior Analysis

Major Professor

Jennifer Austin, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Kelli McCormack-Brown, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Maria dePerczel-Goodwin, Ph.D.


school setting, typically developing, choice, establishing operation, multi-element design


Previous research has shown that providing students with the opportunity to choose the type of academic assignment could reduce a variety of problem behavior. However, procedural limitations of previous research prevent definitive conclusions regarding the mechanism by which choice interventions effect behavioral change. Furthermore, because research related to choice interventions has been limited primarily to children with developmental and emotional disabilities, the generality of such interventions is unclear. Therefore, the current study set out to extend the efforts of previous researchers by attempting to further isolate the mechanism by which choice procedures produce improved behavioral performance and attempted to further assess the generality of choice procedures by examining its effects on the behavior (e.g., maladaptive behavior, on-task behavior, academic performance) of a population (i.e., typically developing adolescent youth) not frequently targeted.