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Computer Science

Major Professor

Dmitry B.Goldgof, Ph.D.


Digital image processing, Medical imaging, Medical image segmentation, Magnetic resonance imaging, Center slice detection


The determination of the center slice, defined as a slice through the lateral ventricles in the axial plane in a volume of MR images is important to the segmentation of the image into its anatomical parts. The center or ventricle slice in a set of MR images is recognized by the shape of the ventricles in the axial plane as depicted by the cerebro-spinal fluids in the image. Currently, no technique exists to detect this slice and the purpose of this thesis is to find a slice through the lateral ventricles in the axial plane from a volume of MRI brain scan slices. There are several methodologies which will be discussed in the thesis, the Hough Transform and Object Matching using deformable templates being the primary ones. It is shown, in the test cases used, that these algorithms used together provided results that had almost 80 percent accuracy. However, a simple method to spatially calculate the center slice is also competitive in accuracy.