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Civil Engineering

Major Professor

Ram Pendyala, Ph.D.


Planning, Alternatives, PD&E, NEPA, Screening


The transportation decision-making process takes on different forms in different states. The purpose of this study was to include and move considerations for national, state, and local security needs into the transportation project development arenas with a focus on Florida. A thorough and updated literature review was completed to determine the current state of the industry regarding incorporating security considerations into the transportation planning process. A review of current Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations concerning planning requirements was conducted to outline planning parameters and limitations. An information request letter was mailed to the key planning staff members for all 50 states in the United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico and other key stakeholders. An online survey was conducted to determine public opinion about transportation security. As a result of these efforts, a modified PD&E process was developed, key findings were identified, future research needs were defined, and an outline of next steps was developed.