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Ed. Specalist



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Interdisciplinary Education

Major Professor

Kelly Powell-Smith, Ph.D.


Reading, School, DIBELS, Race, Language


The present study investigated the relationship between two predictor variables and children's Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Initial Sound Fluency (ISF) and Letter Naming Fluency (LNF) scores, as well as Early Screening Inventory-Kindergarten (ESI-K) scores. The two predictor variables were 1) parents' perception of their home literacy environment, and 2) parental beliefs about the importance of literacy (race had to be dropped out of the study due to the limited amount of participants per race variable). The participants were 68 kindergarten students and their parents from two schools in a school district in West Central Florida. Results showed that the home environment is a relatively good predictor of student's early literacy skills, when ISF is used to assess early literacy, with that variable accounting for 16% of the variance in the ISF scores. No other significant relationships were found, with parental belief not predicting any of the early literacy scores. Implications for educating low-income families to prepare their children for school are discussed.