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Women's Studies

Major Professor

Sara L. Crawley, Ph. D.


Bodies, Education, Gender, Abject, Pedagogical tools


As we move through our daily lives, the cogency of the world shifts and changes. Many constructs exist to explain and account for how we view and interact with our environment. Education is where our understandings become formalized and are challenged. To this end, a plethora of pedagogical tools are made available to aid educators in illuminating the world(s) around and within each student. However, there is always room for new ways of presenting information, concepts, and ideas. I put forth the mathematical trope of asymptotes as a new pedagogical tool. Asymptotes, as metaphor, work as a pedagogical tool for their utility as both visual and conceptual space. Through highlighting how asymptotes can map conceptualizations of 'the body', be utilized as a means to build and comprehend theoretical inquiry, and reconceptualize difficult issues and concepts within Women's Studies and Feminist classrooms, I posit the asymptotes metaphor as both visual/conceptual space and pedagogical tool.