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Chemical Engineering

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Carlos A. Smith, Ph.D.


Artificial intelligence, Cascade control, Nonlinear chemical processes, Adaptive control, Mamdani and Sugeno inference systems


Two fuzzy controllers are presented. A fuzzy controller with intermediate variable designed for cascade control purposes is presented as the FCIV controller. An intermediate variable and a new set of fuzzy logic rules are added to a conventional Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) to build the Fuzzy Controller with Intermediate Variable (FCIV). The new controller was tested in the control of a nonlinear chemical process, and its performance was compared to several other controllers. The FCIV shows the best control performance regarding stability and robustness. The new controller also has an acceptable performance when noise is added to the sensor signal. An optimization program has been used to determine the optimum tuning parameters for all controllers to control a chemical process. This program allows obtaining the tuning parameters for a minimum IAE (Integral absolute of the error). The second controller presented uses fuzzy logic to improve the performance of the convention

al internal model controller (IMC). This controller is called FAIMCr (Fuzzy Adaptive Internal Model Controller). Twofuzzy modules plus a filter tuning equation are added to the conventional IMC to achieve the objective. The first fuzzy module, the IMCFAM, determines the process parameters changes. The second fuzzy module, the IMCFF, provides stability to the control system, and a tuning equation is developed for the filter time constant based on the process parameters. The results show the FAIMCr providing a robust response and overcoming stability problems. Adding noise to the sensor signal does not affect the performance of the FAIMC.The contributions presented in this work include:The development of a fuzzy controller with intermediate variable for cascade control purposes. An adaptive model controller which uses fuzzy logic to predict the process parameters changes for the IMC controller. An IMC filter tuning equation to update the filter time constant based in the process paramete

rs values. A variable fuzzy filter for the internal model controller (IMC) useful to provide stability to the control system.