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Interdisciplinary Education

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Linda M. Raffaele Mendez, Ph.D.


Academic achievement, Parent perceptions, Student perceptions, Ethnicity, Multiple regression


The purpose of this research study was to (a) analyze perceptions of parent involvement across raters (i.e., seventh grade students versus their parents) and across ethnicity (i.e., African American versus European American), and (b) examine how perceptions of parent involvement are related to academic achievement. A subsample of archival survey data collected in one central Florida school district was analyzed for the current study. Findings revealed a positive but weak relationship between students' and parents' perceptions of parent involvement regardless of ethnicity. Significant differences were found in the perceived levels of involvement by ethnicity, even when controlling for SES. In general, there was a positive but weak relationship between perceptions of parent involvement and student academic achievement regardless of ethnicity and while controlling for SES. It is suggested that the weak relationships between parent involvement and student achievement found in this study may be due to the types of items used in the surveys, which focused on limited aspects of parent involvement (e.g., PTA membership and help with homework). Further research exploring how the construct of home-school collaboration is best operationalized among diverse groups of families is needed.