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Gaëtan Brulotte, Ph.D.


Quantum physics, Belgium, Translation, Novel, Cosmology


Le Goût piquant de l'Univers is written by the Francophone Belgian writer Elisa Brune. Brune holds a Ph.D. in environmental sciences, and this novel does not stray far from her training in science. The setting of this oeuvre is that of a Provençal village of Peyresq, the premiere annual rendezvous for the world's foremost cosmologists. The vocabulary employed in this book is that of highly scientific coteries. The work's sentence structure is a mix of dialogue, and unruly compound phrases. These two aforementioned stylistic choices made the translation of this work especially difficult. In translating, I worked with Dr. Gaëtan Brulotte, a French-language writer and professor; Dr. Roberta Tucker, a French literature professor; and Dr. David Rabson, a theoretical physicist. All of their unique knowledge, in tandem with my familiarity with French and English, allowed for engaging exchanges on subtleties, nuances, and technicalities in the translation.