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Second Language Acquisition and Instructional Technology

Major Professor

Carine Feyten, Ph.D.


Second language acquisition, Ancient language acquisition, Linguistics, Expedient integration of technology, Foreign language education


This empirical research study investigated the phenomenon of ancient language teacher cognition in the technology-rich contexts of two secondary teachers of Latin. Although one teacher was an inexperienced teacher working in a traditional, face-to-face classroom in an independent school, the other teacher was an experienced teacher working at a public virtual school. Features of teacher cognition, such as pre-active planning and inter-active decision-making were examined from a communities-of-practice theoretical perspective (Wenger, 1998). An exploratory, sequential mixed-methods research design was implemented in this cross-case study. Among the research findings that emerged from this investigation was the notion of the expedient integration of technology (EIT). According to the researcher, EIT includes elements of selective integration, efficient integration, recursive integration, and progressive integration. The researcher discusses important implications that emerged from the study, including theoretical and practical considerations, and also presents several suggestions for future research.