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Annette Cozzi, Ph.D.

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Maria Cizmic, Ph.D.

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Pablo Brescia, Ph.D.


Fairy tale, Film, Brothers Grimm, Ovid, Frank Baum


I argue that Guillermo Del Toro is a modern day storyteller, writing his film script as Ovid, The Grimms, or even Baum would pen their tales. I expand the idea of intertextuality to include not only conversations, thoughts, architecture, emotions, bodily activity, sounds, and innumerable other signifiers, but also analyzing the film "inter-imagically." By considering the film in this way it encourages a world conversation that can influence socio-political transformations in our world.

I use the stories and images in myth, fairy tale and children's literature to support the importance of agency, agency in regard to finding your own voice, determining your own path and taking action by making choices that can ultimately result in transformations that are not only personal, but political ramifications in the world.

In Echo and Narcissus, I explore issues surrounding the self-realization and loss of agency through Ofelia's refusal to follow someone else's path, allowing others to silence her voice or her potential. Using Little Red Riding Hood, I assert that Ofelia is the modern Little Red, refusing to take the path of her mother, defining her own way. Using The Wizard of Oz, I highlight the labyrinth of choice and the determination to return, restore or transform Ofelia's world.

I further proclaim Del Toro is a master storyteller along the lines of Ovid, Grimm and Baum and that through his film, he inspires adults to get back in touch with the childhood disobedience and questioning in order to spark a world conversation that just may transform the world around us.