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Degree Granting Department

Architecture and Community Design

Major Professor

Shannon Bassett, M. Arch. U.D.

Committee Member

Theodore Trent Green, RA, M. Arch. U.D.

Committee Member

Chaddy Hanwisai, M. Arch.


modular, housing, transportable, urban, alterable


The modern home has become a static fixture in society that is not reflected in the growing populous that is becoming an ever increasing mobile society. Many are not able to stay to the same place that they call home for long periods of time. Changing jobs, markets and neighborhoods force those to continue their movement around leaving what it is that they call their home to try and reproduce it within another location. The home finds itself lost in this transition and must now function on a greater adaptability than ever before and reflect the growing demand placed upon these structures. It must be able to easily and quickly change with the inhabitants growing needs and become a reflection of the currently growing mobile society. It must find itself able to move and adapt to new sites and surrounding whether suburban or urban. I intend to design a different type of residential environment that allows the ease of alterability and portability that proposes the home as a module that is easily added and removed from a larger structure and that holds the ability to expand and multiply to meet the needs of the owners. The tower must take a strong leap forward in construction and structural technology to allow the continuous altering of form and program through its own morphing. Related to this, the adaptability of the home modules are also envisioned. This new building would not only benefit the inhabitants, but also the owner. The quick and easy customization of space allows continuous occupation and an ease when providing for a variety of tenants whether residential or commercial minded. Where property is at a premium in urban centers, construction can be quick and continuous while allowing inhabitants to take their home while construction continues above them. It allows a greater adaptability to growing needs and demands of an increasing population but allows the owner to meet their own needs as well.