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Degree Granting Department

Electrical Engineering

Major Professor

Huseyin Arslan, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Wilfrido Moreno, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Thomas Weller, Ph.D.


Wireless Communications, Received Signal Strength, Slow Fading, Spatial Correlation, Statistical Regression


This thesis analyzes the wireless propagation modeling of a 2.6 GHz band channel around the Tampa Bay area. Different empirical models are compared against measured data, and an adapted model, specific for the Tampa Bay area, is presented that builds on the accuracy of existing models. The effects of the propagation characteristics along bridges are also discussed, and a two-slope model is presented. The proposed models are based on a simple linear regression method, and statistical tests are evaluated for reliability thereof. The analysis also investigates the statistical properties of shadowing effects imposed on the wireless channel. The spatial correlation properties of shadowing effects are investigated in detail, and an extension of existing correlation models for shadowing effects is suggested where the correlation properties are studied in different distance ranges rather than the whole service coverage area.