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Major Professor

Susan Greenbaum, Ph.D.

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Jacqueline Messing, Ph.D.

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Heidi Castañeda, Ph.D.


Homelessness, Continuum of Care, Housing First, Poverty, Shelters


Using the methodology and criteria put forth by the Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center (part of the Justice Research and Statistics Association, Washington D.C.), an assessment for evaluation of the Metropolitan Ministries "Uplift UTM" Program was conducted using review of data previously collected by Metropolitan Ministries, examination of documents provided by the organization, participant observation, and interviews with Metropolitan Ministry staff. This assessment reveals that there are significant problems in several areas that must be addressed before their program can be formally evaluated; including data collection and organization, outcomes measures, client selection standards, and how the program is portrayed as opposed to how it is actually run. Preliminary analysis of the collected data suggests that there are no relationships between demographic information such as education, employability, or other factors, and successfully completing their program. Further analysis suggests that other factors related to rules, guidelines, and unpopular restrictions are related to the low success rate they have experienced. Based upon a literature review of successful programs, suggestions for improving the outcomes of Uplift UTM are provided.