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Architecture and Community Design

Major Professor

Michael Halflants M.Arch.

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Susan KlausSmith M.Arch.

Committee Member

Daryl Croi M.Arch.


architecture, dwelling, house, place, experience


The intent of this Master's Thesis project is to investigate the meaning of home through the bodily experience and psychological perception of space.

An inherent ambiguity to the word, as it fails to translate in languages other than those of the Germanic group, causes confusion in defining what home is. In English the word home suggests a deeper understanding and attachment to the surrounding environment, a sort of fusing of the spatial, time and material elements into a single intense experience of being.

In languages that do not contain the word the notion of home is expressed in poetry through the idea of the journey from and to a point of origin and through the symbol of the fireplace.

The project uses these ideas pertaining to home in an effort to understand how we form our place in the world.