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Sandra Vick Graham, Ph.D., Chair

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Theresa Hnath Chisolm, Ph.D.

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Arthur M. Guilford, Ph.D.


Audiology Clinical Competency, Clinical Training, Clinical Evaluation


This is a retrospective study utilizing data complied over the past two years during the formative assessment process by the University of South Florida (USF) Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) in the development of the new audiology clinical doctoral (Au.D.) program. Final adoption of the new certification standards in audiology was received in 1997 and several Au.D. programs have been implemented since that time. This study responds to the requirements of appropriate assessment and documentation of clinical skill acquisition across the academic and clinical training program.

The purpose of this review was to complete a qualitative analysis of the data gathered previously to determine indicators of clinical competency specific to the USF Au.D. program. This study focused on determining minimal knowledge and clinical skills that should be acquired at the end of the second and third years relative to competencies outlined in Standard IV-D: Evaluation and Standard IV-E: Treatment. Expectations relative to skills that audiology students should possess at designated points in the educational process are pertinent to developing effective tools for assessing clinical performance.

Two focus group discussion sessions were held. One group included USF audiology academic and clinical faculty and the other group was composed of external practicing audiologists who provide supervision for audiology students in extern assignments. Participation was on a voluntary basis and anonymity was maintained. A guided discussion format was followed to obtain information about their expectations for student clinical competency levels at the end of the second and third years of study. The analysis of the data set included a review and summary of comments and ratings completed by the participants. The summary provided a highlight of key points, trends, and similarities/differences in the ratings provided by the two groups.