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Nancy Patterson, Chair

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Theresa Hnath-Chisolm, Chair

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Robert Zelski

Committee Member

William Kealy


Audiology, Aural Rehabilitation


A need has been established for aural rehabilitation (AR) sessions throughout the years. The literature reviewed here demonstrates that new hearing aid users do benefit from a structured follow-up AR program. However, this need is often not met for a variety of patient and audiologist related factors. Therefore, an AR program that could be viewed at home has been suggested. I have developed a prototype for a CD-ROM based aural rehabilitation (AR) program. Included in the program are communication and speechreading strategies, which are the most prevalent materials in AR. The instructional and interaction portions of the prototype were created to be understood by the average person. The prototype includes the use of video, graphics, and audio to support the written information and to incorporate a sense of excitement into the CD-ROM based program.