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Janet L.S. Moore, Ed.D.

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John W. Richmond, Ph.D.

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Sheila C. Woodward, Ph.D.

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David A. Williams, Ph.D.


music education, arts education, arts partnerships, community-based arts programs, school development


The purpose of this research was to review a significant body of literature that related to music and arts education in the context of community engagement. An examination of the literature identified several issues affecting the engagement of communities in arts education pertaining to arts education policies, the role of arts organizations and the relationship between schools and communities. The summation of this research included an overview of models of successful collaborations between the public school and community institutions at national, state, and local levels in the United States with implications of future reform to the arts education policy.

With such a vast array of program offerings initiated through the collaborative partnering of schools with communities and local arts agencies, valuable insights can be gained from concerted research efforts in the field of music education as to the unique opportunities afforded through purposeful community engagement.