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Applied Behavior Analysis

Major Professor

Raymond G. Miltenberger, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Catherine Batsche, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Trevor Stokes, Ph.D.


Sport, Behavior, Freeze frame, Athletic performance, Uneven bars


In an effort to develop more efficient and practical interventions for athletic performance, some behavioral researchers have incorporated a variety of technological innovations. In sports research, only a few studies have examined the effects of video feedback on athletic skill development. The effects of combining expert video modeling with self video feedback as an adjunct to standard coaching techniques were analyzed in this study. Participants in this study were four 7-10 year old competitive gymnasts. During the intervention, each gymnast performed a specific gymnastics skill and then viewed a pre-recorded video segment showing an expert gymnast performing the same skill. The gymnast then viewed a video replay of her own performance of the skill. Next she saw a side by side slow motion with freeze frame comparison of her performance with that of the expert model. Lastly, in normal time, the gymnast viewed the expert video clip again, followed by her own performance of the skill. The effect of expert video modeling with self video feedback on gymnastics skill performance was evaluated in a multiple baseline across behaviors research design. The results showed that the gymnasts' skills increased in performance following exposure to video feedback.