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Degree Granting Department

Applied Behavior Analysis

Major Professor

Jennifer L. Austin, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Harold Keller, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Kelly Powell-Smith, Ph.D.


education, children, token economy, involvement, positive reinforcement, educational activities


Previous research has examined the effectiveness of placing parents on a variety of incentive programs which would increase their likeliness to participate in school related activities. That research suggested that establishing school as a reinforcing environment for parents was vital. Due to these findings, this study examined the effects of a token economy on parent involvement at a low-income elementary school. Teachers were trained in the data collection method, and parental behavior was observed on a daily, weekly and bi-weekly schedule. Measures of social validity were obtained through teacher and parent questionnaires.

The data from the research study suggested that the implementation of the token economy did increase the amount of parent participation, but only on a "micro" level. Parent involvement on a larger scale such as participation in after school activities such as PTA's and other large scale school related activities were not affected.