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Mass Communications

Major Professor

Kenneth C. Killebrew Jr., Ph.D.

Committee Member

Larry Z. Leslie Ph.D.

Committee Member

Randy E. Miller, Ph.D.


convergence, news, interactivity, user control, media ownership, content analysis


A content analysis of news Web sites reveals how many multimedia and interactive components both converged and non-converged media organizations include on their Web presence. The sample included four news Web sites considered to be highly converged with their print and broadcast counterparts (,,, and, one newspaper Web site not affiliated with a broadcast media organization (, and one broadcast news Web site not affiliated with a print news organization ( A multimedia and interactivity score was given to each Web site based on the quantity of these components each site used. Both (a non-converged organization) and (a highly converged news organization) offered significantly more multimedia components than the other four organizations, but only provided a statistically significant number of interactivity components on its Web site. The results of this study revealed that among the four converged news organizations (,,, and, the only organization demonstrating the characteristics of a converged news organization was