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S. Elizabeth Bird, Ph.D

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Kevin Yelvington, Ph.D

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Susan Greenbaum, Ph.D

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Mark Neumann, Ph.D

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Randy Miller, Ph.D


blog, mass media, journalism, virtual community, mediascape


Weblogging is an Internet social practice that became known as a technology. This project investigated weblogging (blogging) as an example of a media technology that arose under particular historical circumstances. To investigate this, blogs were examined in detail, participant-observation was used to construct and run a blog, and practicing bloggers were interviewed. The study found that blogging, like all technology, originates within existing social practice (context); has a diffusion process that causes it to spread between people (Geek-Chic); and leads to certain social outcomes (Personal Community). This is seen as a general pattern for the lifecycle of technology, serving to argue the case that shifts in social practice lead to technology, not the other way around.