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Degree Granting Department

Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Dr. Rajiv V. Dubey, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Dr. Shuh-Jing Ying, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Dr. Autar K. Kaw, Ph.D.


rehabilitation, assistive device, activities of daily living, tele-manipulation, mobile manipulator


Individuals with disabilities yearn for an increased level of independence, seeking to supplement their missing function(s) and to carry on with their lives with minimal or no assistance from another person. A review of the existing assistive-care products has revealed that many of the defects in these devices, particularly in wheelchair-mounted robots, can be alleviated. Surveys have also identified tasks that users would like to perform by themselves, but are constrained from doing so by using currently available devices. An attempt has been made here to try to resolve these issues by developing a prototype of a marsupial robot that can dock into the powered wheelchair that is used for manipulation purposes. The primary function of this system is to assist the user in his/her daily tasks such as pick-up small objects and place them as per the user's commands, push to open/close doors and remove obstacles from the wheelchair path. It is with the objective of providing an enhanced quality of life to a person with impairment(s) that a proposal for a simple, safe and inexpensive approach to assist him/her in performing an activity is made here.