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Civil Engineering

Major Professor

Dr. Ram M. Pendyala, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Dr. Steven E. Polzin, Ph.D., P.E.

Committee Member

Dr. Jian J. Lu, Ph.D., P.E.


travel behavior, mobility, car-ownership, socio-demographics, population cohorts


The elderly and persons residing in zero vehicle households require better transportation services by virtue of their need for special care and lack of mobility, respectively. An analysis of the travel trends of these population cohorts is essential to determine the best ways to improve transportation facilities to better serve them. Information about location of residence, life-cycle, differences by gender, employment status, driver status, highest level of education coupled with trip information like trip rate, travel times and distances trip purpose, modal split and percent of people immobile will facilitate understanding the factors that influence trip making among these people and help predict travel trends for the future. This work attempts to analyze the elderly and persons residing in zero vehicle households in the United States by using NHTS 2001 and NPTS 1990 datasets for the purpose of analysis and comparison.