Gender and Race in School Psychology

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In the past two decades the number of women in the field of school psychology has increased markedly, with some estimates suggesting that approximately 8 out of 10 school psychologists are women, but the percentage of school psychologists who are White has remained constant at approximately 90%. This study was conducted on behalf of the National Association of School Psychologists Research Committee to investigate how other characteristics of the field such as age, years of experience, or type of employment differ by race or gender. Results suggested that significant gender differences existed in terms of age, years of experience, primary employment as a university faculty member, and time worked in university settings. Significant differences related to race existed for the number of hours worked in state departments of education as well as the percentage of minority students served. Potential explanations for the findings are provided and implications for the field are discussed.

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School Psychology Review, v. 42, p. 262-279.

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