Force Prediction Using Fingernail Imaging: An Overview

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force sensing, haptics, grasping

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This paper presents a method for automatically calibrating a fingernail imaging system used to detect arbitrary three-dimensional force on the human fingerpad. The calibration is accomplished using a Magnetic Levitation Haptic Device modified to apply calibrated forces through a flat plate to the fingerpad.

The technique explained here is shown to accurately predict arbitrary shear force with RMS error of 0.3 N (which is 3% of the full range of ±5 N) and normal force with RMS error of 0.5 N (which is 5% of the full range of 0 − 10 N). The paper also demonstrates the model and explains some of the methods used to compensate for nonlinearities in the fingernail coloration response.

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In J.A. Cetto, J.L. Ferrier, & J. Filipe (eds). Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 89. Berlin, Germany: Springer.