Identifying Factors that Promote Perspective Transformation in Higher Education: A Model

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A study created a model and instrument to determine and evaluate the factors that promote perspective transformation in the higher education classroom. The focus was the classroom setting, but other experiences and circumstances were recognized as being important determinants as well. An existing assessment model was used as the basis for identifying the factors. A questionnaire was developed and distributed to second- and third-semester college students. The participant questionnaires and interviews used a Likert scale and short answer format to rate how much the facilitating factors promoted the students' transformational learning. The questionnaire was presented in two different formats to two groups of students and reviewed by several educators. Several modifications were shown to be necessary: changing the focus to older students/adult learners; shifting from identifying to examining factors that promoted perspective transformation; changing the term "factors" to "activities"; and shortening and reconsidering the format of the instrument. Findings were as follows: the focus of the study had to be much sharper regarding age and educational experience of the participants; a greater number of participants was necessary; the specific perspective transformation to be studied needed to be focused; the study needed to examine learning activities; and the instrument needed to be modified in clarity, vocabulary, format, and ease of use.

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Presented at the Eastern Adult and Continuing Education Research Conference Proceedings in October 1996 in University Park, PA