Hybrid Adsorption and Biological Treatment Systems (HABiTS) for Onsite Wastewater Treatment

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Adsorption, biological nitrogen removal, on-site wastewater treatment, scrap tires, zeolite


Hybrid Adsorption and Biological Treatment Systems (HABiTS) can enhance N removal in onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) by coupling ion exchange (IX) with biological N removal (BNR). Batch IX studies showed that clinoptilolite was the best medium for the nitrification stage of HABiTS due to its high IX capacity for NH4+ (14 mg/g) even when in competition with other cations present in septic tank effluents. Further characterization showed over 80% NH4+ removal within 8 hrs contact time. Column and modeling studies showed that a 6 cm layer of clinoptilolite will maintain N levels below 10 mg/L for 2 days with N loadings typical of OWTS. Desorption of NH4+ was slow and should allow sufficient time for biological regeneration of the materials when applied in HABiTS. The design of the nitrification and denitrification stages of HABiTS was also presented.

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Proceedings of the Water Environment Federation, WEFTEC 2015, p. 4660-4672