Stormwater Pond Beautification in East Tampa: The Basis for University, K-12, and Community Partnerships that Broaden Participation in Environmental Engineering

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community, outreach, K-12, education


Though stormwater retention ponds play a vital role in flood and pollution control throughout Florida, community funded revitalization programs in East Tampa do not address water quality, maintenance or potential impacts of the pond on community members. Engineers for a Sustainable World University of South Florida Chapter (ESW-USF) received an EPA P3 award to establish collaboration between USF, Young Middle Magnet (YMM) (an East Tampa middle school adjacent to a beautified pond) and East Tampa that raises environmental awareness in East Tampa using stormwater ponds as an initial focal point. Student assignments in the undergraduate Environmental Engineering Laboratory class at USF are linked to this project through water quality analysis. Informal education was attempted during East Tampa’s Community Survival Day. Outputs from this project include: a) curriculum development for students at YMM; b) stormwater retention pond demonstration modules and community tour; c) baseline water quality data collection for three retention ponds in East Tampa and establishment of a sustainable water monitoring program that links USF classes with YMM’s seventh grade class.

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Proceedings of the 2009 ASEE Southeastern Section Conference, 8 p.