Analysis of Human Stepping Dynamics Using a Wii Balance Board with a Webcam: a Comparison Study

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foot center of pressure, human gait dynamics tracking, nintendo wii balance board, roll-over shape, webcam

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This paper demonstrates the assembly and verification of an inexpensive and straightforward stepping dynamics assessment system capable of simultaneously recording human lower limb motions, vertical ground reaction forces (GRF), and two dimensional foot center of pressures (COP) during the gait stance phase. This proposed system uses a single webcam video camera for motion analysis in the sagittal (side) plane. A color detection image processing Python script enables the webcam to track distinctly colored marker tape placed on the ankle and knee joint while stepping on and over a Nintendo® Wii Balance Board (WBB). The WBB is used to measure vertical GRF and foot COP. Marker positions and COP are used to construct a foot rollover shape (ROS), the effective rocker shape that a lower limb system conforms to during a step. The accuracy of our WBB-webcam system is evaluated by the comparing marker motion, GRF, COP, and derived ROS measurements to a commercial force plate (FP) and eight-camera infrared motion capture (IRMC) system.

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PETRA '15 Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments