A Lamina-Emergent Frustum Using a Bistable Collapsible Compliant Mechanism

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Compliant mechanism synthesis, Compliant mechanisms

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This paper presents a new bistable collapsible compliant mechanism (BCCM) that is utilized in a lamina-emergent frustum. The mechanism is based on transforming a polygon spiral into spatial frustum shape using a mechanism composed of compliant links and joints that exhibits a bistable behavior. A number of mechanism types (graphs) were considered to implement the shape-morphing spiral, including 4-bar, 6-bar, and 8-bar chains. Our design requirements permitted the selection of a particular 8-bar chain as the basis for the BCCM. The bistable behavior was added to the mechanism by introducing a snap-through bistability as the mechanism morphs. A parametric CAD was used to perform the dimensional synthesis. The design was successfully prototyped. We anticipate that the mechanism may be useful in commercial small animal enclosures or as a frame for a solar still.

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Journal of Mechanical Design, v. 140, issue 12, art. 125001