Crack in an Imperfect Interface in Composites

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The behavior of cracks at the interface of composites is studied. The geometry of the composite is idealized as two-dimensional, isotropic, linearly "elastic" infinite strips made of two different materials joined by a damaged layer approximated by continuous distributed shear and tension springs. The damage considered in the layer is an interface crack. A general formulation is developed in terms of two simultaneous integral equations. An asymptotic analysis of the integral equations based on Muskhelishvili's techniques reveals logarithmic singularities in the normal (cleavage) stresses and strain functions at the crack tips. The special case of two bonded half-planes is also discussed. Parametric studies at a microscopic level are conducted for an interphase crack between the fiber and the matrix, and at a macroscopic level for an adhesive layer crack between two laminae.

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Mechanics of Materials, v. 11, issue 4, p. 295-322