Assessing Online Resources for an Engineering Course in Numerical Methods

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assessment, numerical methods, online course

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To determine, improve, and refine the quality of the online resources for an engineering course in numerical methods, three assessment instruments were used to gather feedback from (1) the independent instructors of the numerical methods course, (2) the students who use the majority of the resources, and (3) the general students worldwide who use resources on an as-per-need basis. The findings of this study provide strong evidence that the use of the website modules is a valued aide to most students. The availability of information in multiple modes and formats, at any time, for the students provides them with accessible and convenient learning material that enhances traditional methods. In addition, the analyses of the open-ended items by both faculty reviewers and students provided insights into how a website used in a technical course such as Numerical Methods can be effectively organized and implemented to enhance further student learning. Results from the instructor surveys found highest ratings for the perceptions of the degree of helpfulness the modules provided in supplementing student readings and with class presentations, while the results from student surveys found highest ratings in the technological domain.

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Computer Applications in Engineering Education, v. 20, issue 3, p. 426-433